New IT Award: TechWeekEurope UK Launches Tech Success Awards to celebrate British Tech Projects

June 28, 2012

By Olivia Shannon, @olivia_at_o

There’s a new award for successful end-user projects in the UK. The Tech Success Awards, recently launched by IT publication TechWeekEurope UK (formerly eWEEK Europe UK), will celebrate successful IT projects in British organizations.

The judging panel includes two judges we’ve interviewed on the Countdown blogs: Clive Longbottom, Founder of Quocirca, and Peter Judge, editor of TechWeekEurope UK.

In a post on the TechWeekEurope website, Judge said the awards would supplement TechWeekEurope’s journalistic coverage of IT projects. He wrote:  

“[….] Successful tech projects may change lives, but they rarely get coverage.

That is partly because we are journalists. We want news. So we cover the issues that will affect you – new products from vendors, new regulations from governments, and new threats from the hacking industry.

Within that there is a big Catch-22 around successful projects. We love to talk to real CIOs and IT managers. But ironically and unfairly, what you say is almost never news. [….]

It seemed to us we should do something that will make successful tech into news. And the answer involves a set of awards which we hope will be different from those you might see elsewhere.”

Technology areas that will be emphasized in the awards include:

  • Cloud
  • Big Data
  • Mobile/BYOD
  • Green/Efficient
  • Open Source
  • Public Sector

Nominations categories include:

  • Most Innovative Project – where technology is used differently to how it’s been used anywhere else
  • Best Efficient/Green Project – where energy / resources have been saved, within your organisation, or enabling savings elsewhere
  • Best Cloud Project – where services have moved to the cloud, allowing flexibility and maybe some savings as well
  • Best Mobility Project – where new or different services are available on new devices
  • Best Big Data Project – where a data set revealed things that were previously unknown
  • Best Public Sector Project – where public money was saved and public services improved through great tech
  • Best Open Source Project – where the project was completed using open source technology

According to the press release here, entries should be sent to awards@netmediaeurope.com before 16th September. Nominations should be submitted by end users or vendor customers. To be eligible, projects should be live and have been delivered since May 2011.

Winners will be announced in November.

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